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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Women’s Sports Could Die

Women's Sports Could Die

Women's sports are going downhill because of Joe Biden

I don’t support this but if you want 64 genders then we will need 64 school athletic teams per sport and I am absolutely baffled that transwomen have more rights than biological women.
It’s simple and it’s science. People with XX chromosomes compete against people with XX chromosomes and XY compete against XY. Biology cannot be denied. There are biological differences between a male and a female in regards to body structure, bone density, body mass, etc.
The most confusing and twisting thing about this is that trans athletes refuse to listen to the biological women’s reasoning as to why it’s unfair to them and continuously saying it is discrimination and no inclusion in women’s sports. 
You can both respect trans people and admit that there’s something wrong. I have no hate against Trans and they can do whatever they want in America but why can’t they just compete against each other instead?
I wouldn’t be surprised if biology gets canceled by cancel culture, now that will be a huge disaster!

Watch this video of Candace Owen's perspective about women's sports.

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Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay 

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