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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tyler Perry Supports Police Officers

Tyler Perry Supports Police Officers


Tyler Perry was on CNN with News anchor, Anderson Cooper talking about law enforcement officers. Even though I don’t agree with everything Tyler Perry has stated in the past, I believe that everything that he publicly stated on this video was spot on! 

In this video, you could tell Cooper was not expecting to hear that response from Tyler Perry. As you continue to watch, just observe the disgust and confusion of Anderson Cooper’s face as Tyler Perry stated that we need more policing, not less. 

Yes, I agree with Tyler Perry to a certain extent however more police officers is not the only solution. We need to take action in terms of restructuring the welfare state including bringing fathers back in the black community as well as holding the mainstream media accountable for pushing a false narrative.

Parents need to teach their children about being a law-abiding citizen and facing the consequences of resisting arrest. If that is not possible, the police reform should include an educational program for the younger generation.

In my opinion, I don’t agree with him when he brought up the Rayshard Brooks incident because he didn’t resist arrest. However, he is “awake” by stating that we shouldn’t defund the police, unlike the other “woke” celebrities in Hollywood.

Watch this video of Tyler Perry's perspective of the police officers

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