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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Trump Rally In DC On January 6

Trump Rally In DC On January 6

On January 6th, 2021, the biggest Trump rally ever in Washington DC had close to 2 million people (family event; there were children there) of all colors standing up for their president Donald J Trump. The rally is mostly peaceful however after President Trump’s speech, a small group of “Trump supporters” and (most likely Antifa) out of thousands gathered near the U.S. Capitol as police began firing flash-bang grenades, tear gas including implementing a 6 pm curfew and apparently, a few people bled. 1 person got killed by the police which is unfortunate (3 others died-unknown cause of death).


I have to say this the first time I have seen Trump supporters so riled up as THEY SHOULD because this isn’t about Trump this is bigger than this. It’s about protecting our religious freedoms, it’s about individualism, it’s about having a fair election without the interference of fraudulent activity. Why do you think the mainstream media is saying so many bad things about Trump and none of them are true? Everything they have been saying about Trump, it was Biden. Trump is the only one who is fighting against China while every other politician is in bed with China!


The radical left shouldn’t make this a skin color issue, Antifa and BLM have been rioting and destroying businesses left and right, and more black people have died during BLM riots than getting killed by police last year alone. At least Trump Supporters didn’t destroy any statues in the U.S. capitol but storming in the capitol is WRONG and illegal- so I don’t condone violence whatsoever. In my opinion,  I believe there are other alternatives to stand up for America, and acting violently isn’t the answer.  Don’t take everything out of context!

Huge Difference Between BLM Riot and Capitol Riot

Anyways, some people say it was a setup and orchestrated by Antifa! Eyewitnesses reported that the same people who stormed the Capitol had radios to communicate to each other and knee pads! They were disguised as Trump supporters (red hats) so that they can blend in with the real trump supporters! (Allegedly)

I will admit I was a little disappointed at Trump. A few weeks prior to the event, he invited his supporters to attend the rally and stated it is going to be wild. I don’t know the context behind the message but I will call him out if I disagree with him! BUT, the number one thing that everyone should know is that Trump supporters are not racist.

Antifa and DC Police?

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