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Friday, July 23, 2021

The Left Celebrates The Passing Of Rush Limbaugh

The Left Celebrates The Passing Of Rush Limbaugh


The most influential conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh recently passed away at the age of 70 from lung cancer. The wonderful man had made a huge and positive impact in this country as millions and millions of people listened to his conservative views. A lot of people looked up to him and stated the reason why they became a conservative in the first place was because of Limbaugh. Donald Trump was right when he stated that he will never be replaced and as a radio host, he had a way of speaking for hours that would always capture the audience’s attention. 

After the passing of Rush Limbaugh, the radical left was quick to celebrate his death on Twitter with no shame just because he was a conservative. If Twitter is known for fact-checking people constantly and closing down accounts of conservatives, shouldn’t they do the same for the left? What they have been saying publicly about Limbaugh is the definition of hate speech. Even though conservatives disagreed with justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s views on abortion, Donald Trump tweeted that she was a remarkable woman and not one conservative celebrated her death. Everything that’s been revealed, shows the true colors of each party.


FYI *** Rush Limbaugh’s radio producer is a conservative who happens to be African-American. ***

It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth as I was reading the tweets. The hateful comments go to show why we have so much divisiveness in America. Rush Limbaugh was a true patriot and wanted nothing but the best for all in America. The issue here is that the liberals refuse to open their minds and continue to live in a false reality. 

Little do they know, the conservative movement wouldn’t end with him but it will continue to rise for generations to come.

May he rest in eternal peace, and may his family find the strength to bear such a great loss.

Down below are examples of the hateful comments about the legend named Rush Limbaugh:

More hateful comments from the left celebrating his death...

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