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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Parler Is Removed From The Internet

parler app got removed

A free speech platform called parler has been completely removed from the internet because Amazon put an end to providing their hosting services. After the mainstream media pushed a certain narrative about the “violence” that occurred at the Capitol, google play and the apple app store decided to remove parler.


Around the same time, Twitter and Facebook decided to take down President Donald trump’s account first.

Later on, that’s when other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat, and a few others followed their lead to avoid getting canceled or face criticism from the public.

Watch video of the CEO of parler discussing the shutdown of the app

My opinion about social media platforms shutting down Donald Trump's accounts

The CEO of Parler John Matze seems to be very optimistic about what he stated earlier that they are now in the process of searching for a friendlier web hosting service and the app should be running back up longer than expected. We shall see what happens!


In my opinion, I believe that the ultimate goal of these big tech companies is to suppress or censor the voices of conservatives because deep down they know that the people from the right are spreading the truth. Because Parler is shut down, people are looking for other alternatives that suit their political beliefs such as Rumble, MeWe, Signal, and Gab (gab just got shutdown).

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Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels
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