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Friday, July 23, 2021

New Yorkers Shocked By Quotes From Joe Biden

lack people shocked by joe biden


As you watch this video, pay attention to what the New Yorkers say when they were questioned by the journalist, Ami Horowitz about the insane quotes that were from Joe Biden himself, not Donald Trump!


Surprisingly, the fact that some people in the video were not aware that Joe Biden stated recently during his campaign, “IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR ME, YOU AIN’T BLACK!” shows how some people are hypnotized by the mainstream media.


In my opinion, the main problem is that black people are naturally conditioned to vote for a democrat politician because it’s just part of the “black culture” since they have been voting for democrats for  many years. And yet, most of them don’t know why they vote for them even though the democratic party has done nothing for the black community; they continuously use them for votes.


To be honest, I am bit stunned how some people are not aware of what’s going on politically but I was glad to watch the guy with the yellow coat and the two other older men because you can tell that they do their own extensive research instead of being easily fooled by the media.

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