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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Is The Patriot Party A Good Idea?

Is The Patriot Party A Good Idea


The Patriots Party was established last year in 2020 for a better political alternative to the democrat and republican parties. Other political affiliations such as Independents, libertarians, liberals, conservatives are all welcome to join the Patriot Party regardless of their previous political views or ideologies.

Unfortunately, the GOP is filled with RINOS and we must primary them out in 2022. Donald Trump was a fresh face for the republican party. Many people from different racial backgrounds voted for him and never voted for a republican previously.

I think in some form there will always be a one-party system (like communist China) unless you get rid of the dominion voting machines. During this political climate, the Republican Party has almost fallen apart completely and the democratic party is actually considered as a socialist party.


In my opinion, we need to return to paper ballots, voter ID card, voter receipt, and signature. In other words, everything should match with the voter so that there is less risk of voter fraud. Also, there should be an equal number of experienced poll workers from both parties who are randomly selected.

so the patriot party a good idea?

Check out the video down below for deeper analysis as to why I think it’s not the best idea.

Is the patriot party a good idea?

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Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

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