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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Donald Trump Demands $2,000 Stimulus Checks

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On December 22nd, Donald Trump recently gave a brief speech from the white house that was a little over 4 minutes long discussing the possibility of vetoing the $600 stimulus bill. Later in the video, he called the stimulus check a disgrace and ask congress for an amended bill, or else the next administration will have to implement the Covid-19 relief package.


He went against all of the useless spendings from the government such as gender programs towards Pakistan which was $10 million. Now Americans from both sides of the political spectrum are furious because they discovered that billions and trillions of dollars have been spent on foreign aid, military, and museums.

This is probably the best speech I heard in a while! This is why I love my President


AOC, Nancy Pelosi,  Bernie Sanders, and the others are all on Twitter trying to make it sound like they came up with $2000 per Individual even though Congress approved to hand out $600 per citizen. But the real question is, will they cut the useless spending from the government? Even if they don’t, Trump will most likely veto the bill anyway. The Senate has enough votes to override his veto on December 28th. Let’s wait and see!


The fact that Donald Trump gave a speech about wasteful annual spending from the government was brilliant on top of wanting to put Americans first by stating that he wants Americans to receive $2,000. In my opinion, I could care less about the stimulus package bill because I believe in capitalism, not handouts from the government. I care about opening the economy back up and there shouldn’t be any pointless lockdowns in the future.

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