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Friday, July 23, 2021

Doctor Demands An Apology After Media Acknowledges That Hydroxychloroquine Works

Doctor Demands An Apology After Media Acknowledges That Hydroxychloroquine Works


On March 19th, 2020, President Trump was repeatedly criticized by the media and the public for suggesting that hydroxychloroquine is effective for treating the coronavirus. 

Many months later, social media platforms including Facebook now apologize for deleting videos regarding the hydroxychloroquine or HCQ.

The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows that many third world countries that took the drug early on had a lower mortality rate by 76% than countries such as North America that banned the use of the drug that happens to be safe.

Hydroxychloroquine works in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, etc. It is an old drug that’s over 60 years old. People I know have been taking them for years to treat malaria.

The only place hydroxychloroquine does not work is in the United States of America, according to Dr. Facui. Can you imagine how many Americans died because of the “health experts” who played politics?


  • Hydroxychloroquine $37 for 100 tablets
  • Ivermectin: 87 cents per pill
  • Remdesivir: $3,120 for one course of treatment

In the past, I’ve had many friends tell me that it did work for them and it helped them recover quickly from the coronavirus (c-19). In my opinion, the reason why they have removed HCQ from the shelves is because it is cheap.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel who is a practicing doctor and a member of America’s Frontline doctors was canceled, ridiculed, and discredited after coming out and speaking the truth. Rightfully, Dr. Stella demanded an apology from all involved including Joe Biden.

I applaud this amazing woman for continuously standing up for the truth of real science.

Later in the video, she stated, “Now you have all these studies that are saying it works. What about the 500,000 plus people who have died? Who is going to be responsible for them?” 

The doctor demands an apology from Joe Biden after Media Acknowledges that HCQ works

I believed this doctor and Trump from the very beginning and many months later, Facebook now wants to apologize for deleting post regarding Hydroxychloroquine being effective for treating the COOVlD-l9. The mainstream media is the enemy of the people😡😡😡

Posted by Jessye Kalanga Mulamba on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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