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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Barack Obama speaks bad about Hispanic Trump supporters

obama makes racist remarks against Hispanic trump supporters

Barack Obama made unpleasant remarks about Hispanics who voted for Trump in a “breakfast club” radio show with co-hosts Charlamagne tha god, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee (watch video down below).


Obama stated many things in the almost one hour long interview but the one comment that caught my eye instantly was when he mentioned about why Hispanics would vote for Trump when he thrown kids in cages when in actuality, it started under the Obama administration. 


How can former president Barack Obama even discuss about the detainees who were “thrown” in the cages. The Obama/Biden administration built the cages in the first place and many of the photos that were displayed on the mainstream media,  the detainees, including children, were from 2014 during Obama’s administration not Trump’s. Not to mention, The Obama administration deported way more illegal immigrants than Donald Trump.


The way Obama speaks makes him sound a bit arrogant but what he is actually saying in the interview, makes him a liar. He was the worst president in my lifetime and I regretted that I voted for this man. He is trying to convince people in America by saying that President Donald Trump is doing things…accusing him for the things that Obama did himself. 

watch video of Barack Obama making racist comments about Hispanic trump supporters

Barack Obama's recent interview with the Breakfast club about Trump supporters
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