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Friday, July 23, 2021

At Turning Point USA Student Summit, Trump Stated, “We Won This Election In A Landslide”

maga hulk turning point USA

Famous Political Figure Maga Hulk and I posing for the camera


In late December of 2020, Turning Point USA that is founded and hosted by Charlie Kirk was located in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Turning Point USA student summit is an annual conservative conference that calls attention to the rise of the conservative movement in America. There were many famous politicians and political figures such as Vice President Mike Pence, Fox News Anchor Jesse Waters, Donald Trump Jr, former officer Brandon Tatum, Senator Rand Paul, and many more! They spoke to over 2,000 young and bright conservatives (including myself) about the future of our generation, especially in this political climate.

ceo of my pillow Michael J. Lindell

My Pillow CEO Michael J. Lindell


During the 4-day summit, they were some complications regarding the West Palm Beach county officials changing the capacity requirements which would be limited to a 50% capacity because of the covid 19 pandemic. It affected a few hundred people who traveled from different states such as California, New York, Alaska, etc, and never got the chance to go inside the Palm Beach County Convention Center. 

One guy told me that he and his friends slept in the car around 5:00 am so they can be one of the first ones in line.


 After the county officials enforced new restrictions, Turning Point USA quickly adapted to the changes successfully by setting up an overflow area behind the convention center which included a big LED screen, restrooms, and food trucks while still socially distancing.  Even some speakers stopped by to take photos. So I believe Turning Point USA staff members did a good job making sure that everyone who attended got the best experience that was pretty close to what they were expecting despite the covid 19 restrictions.

Alex Clark, host of Turning Point USA's first daily show “POPlitics".


As for me, this my first time attending Turning Point USA summit and I am glad that I showed up to this amazing event! It was definitely a historical moment because I ended up meeting new conservative friends that I can relate to. I’ve also made connections, networking, and being able to conversate with the most amazing leaders who make this country better. People like them inspire and motivate me to always stand up for the truth despite what some people may think.

Always stand up and fight the good fight!

(Watch the video down below)

Watch video of President Donald Trump speaking at Turning Point USA


President Trump definitely surprised Charlie Kirk by contacting him on the speakerphone in front of a large crowd at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit.

It seems to me that Donald Trump is confident and optimistic about the possibility of the election being overturned.

My Experience at Turning Point USA (Watch video below)

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