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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

100 Things Trump Has Accomplished

president donald trump

*Obviously there are more things that Trump accomplished during his presidency*

  1. Trump provided tax relief for the majority of Americans
  2. The individual mandate was removed from Obamacare which made a negative impact on the middle class
  3. President Trump gave a posthumous pardon for Susan B. Anthony who was a powerful leader during the women’s suffrage era.
  4. The lowest unemployment rate for women in 65 years
  5. Biggest pay raise for the military in almost 10 years
  6. The lowest unemployment rate for veterans in almost 20 years
  7. Trump cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%
  8. Trump reduce regulation taxes for small businesses to thrive
  9. The lowest unemployment rate for African Americans
  10. Signed an executive order for combatting human trafficking and online child exploitation
  11. Lowest unemployment for youth which is at a 50-year low
  12. Over 60% of blue-collar workers received a pay increase
  13. The economy added over 5 million jobs
  14. The GDP growth under the Trump administration has beaten the Congressional Budget Office projections and the Obama Administration
  15. Under the Trump administration, H.I.V. preventive drugs were distributed to 200,000 uninsured patients for free
  16. The USA became a natural gas exporter for the first time in 60 years
  17. The lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics (3.9%)
  18. Home Ownership increased for Latino Americans
  19. Trump donated the most to historically black colleges in U.S. history
  20. Trump signed an executive order regarding an increase of essential medical supplies
  21. About 5 million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps since 2016
  22. In 2019, he signed the fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act which means public bathrooms provide separate and clean lactation rooms.
  23. He signed a law regarding paid paternal leave up to 12 weeks
  24. He declared a new Title IX implementation to fight against sexual assault in schools to make sure children are safe
  25. He signed the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act in 2017
  26. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high over 100 times under the Trump administration
  27. Before the C-19 pandemic, the poverty rate dropped to 11.8% under the Trump administration
  28. Trump cut down the United States reliance on medical foreign producers
  29. Manufacturing jobs are growing at a high rate for over 30 years
  30. Trump has given $28 billion of aid to farmers
  31. American coal exports have increased by over 60% in 2017.
  32. Reformed Medicare Program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs
  33. Trump signs $1.8 billion autism funding bill
  34. He helped secure $6 billion in funding to combat the opioid epidemic
  35. He signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking victims prevention and protection reauthorization Act
  36. He proposed the Affordable clean energy rule to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  37. Killed Baghdadi in 2019 which was top national security under the Trump administration
  38. Trump has freed over 12 American hostages including the ones Obama couldn’t free at the time
  39. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the American embassy there
  40. Trump signed the 9/11 victim’s compensation fund into law
  41. Israel and Bahrain restored their relationship through a peace deal which was arranged by President Donald Trump
  42. He arranged a historical peace agreement between Israel and the UAE
  43. He has increased the spending for the military by $150 billion each year
  44. He is in the process of building an effective border wall to keep America safe
  45. He decided for the United States to withdraw from the Paris climate accord which saved thousands of jobs
  46. killed ISIS terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in October of 2019
  47. killed Iranian terrorist initiator Qasem Soleimani on Jan. 2, 2020.
  48. He has lowered high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent during his first year in office
  49. He has imposed tough sanctions on socialist countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua
  50. He is dedicated to “drain the swamp” in Washington by banning administration officials

51. Signed welfare reform for adults who don’t have children to work or search for a job
52. Trump signed the first step Act in 2018 which reduced sentencing for non-violent drug charges
53. He reduced the price of prescription drugs especially for low-income people
54. He made sure federal property was protected from the rioters of the black lives matter movement
55. LNG exports have increased overwhelmingly under the Trump administration
56. U.S. oil production reached its highest level which means we rely less on oil from the middle east.
57. He issued an executive order regarding the right of free speech and religious liberty
58. A distribution of over 5 million food boxes to help people who have been negatively impacted by the c-19 pandemic
59. Trump enforced the China travel ban before the first coronavirus case spread in America
60. Has made tough decisions to fight against Russia’s harmful activities including the United States elections
61. Trump had donated his salary to help improve the lives of the American people
62. Trump made one of the biggest changes in terms of the copyright laws called the music modernization act.
63. He has donated so much money to charities especially AIDS even before he became president of the united states
64. Lowest unemployment rate for Asian Americans of 2.5 %
65. More than 1.5 million jobs were added for women in America
66. Doubling the child tax credit has saved almost 40 million families
67. Trump promotes school choice and let families utilize the 529 college savings plan
68. He signed a memorandum that put an end to all of the student loan debt for disabled veterans
69. He has funded almost $9 billion for mental health services to help prevent the suicide of veterans
70. Job satisfaction hit the highest level since 2005 under the Trump administration
71. Trump signed an executive order called, “Ensuring that Americans Are Not Displaced by Foreign Workers Using Federal Dollars”
72. He gave almost $4 million to support a small business that was negatively impacted by the riots that occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin
73. Lowest Unemployment rate for people who didn’t graduate from high school as well as Americans with disabilities
74. Trump introduced a new “Ready to Work Initiative” to help former prisoners find jobs
75. U.S. goods trade deficit with China has collapsed to a five-year low
76. Many companies have brought over a trillion dollars from other countries outside the U.S. because of the TCJA bill that Trump signed previously
77. He signed an amended version of the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement
78. Made a deal with the European Union to increase U.S. energy exports to Europe
79. He uses the defense protection act to process over 20 million coronavirus testing swaps each month
80. He sped up the distribution of masks, ventilators, and other important medical supplies for the c-19 pandemic
81. He signed a payroll tax holiday for Americans who make less than $100,000 annually
82. He supported the operation warp speed which moved the coronavirus vaccination to the market
83. He supported two funding packages which provided almost $19 million for Lupus research and education programs regarding Lupus
84. He will give $35 million to help human trafficking victims/survivors
85. Trump made the FBI get involved in the murder of Vanessa Guillen and offered to cover the funeral expenses
86. He committed to rebuilding the rural water infrastructure which will cost about $124 million
87. He signed the landmark support for patients and communities act which educates people about drug addiction
88. He recognized the space force as the sixth branch of the U.S Armed Forces
89. He made approval of the major disaster declaration to give over $43 million in federal funding to Michigan to recover from the dam break
90. Under trump’s administration, the poverty rate for African Americans was the lowest ever in U.S. history
91. He authorized an executive order regarding the white house Hispanic prosperity initiative for the improvement of education access, training, and more opportunities economically for Hispanic American students
92. He launched 8,762 opportunity zones to improve the lives within the African American communities
93. Trump upgraded Martin Luther King’s birthplace to a national historic park
94. Trump signed 3 bills for Native people; compensating the Spokane tribe, funding native language programs, and recognizing the little shell tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana
95. He signed the “Never Again” Holocaust education bill which distributes $10 million to lengthen the awareness of the Holocaust
96. He signed an executive order called “improving rural health and telehealth access”
97. American dairy exports are expected to grow annually by 315 million under Trump’s US-Mexico-Canada Agreement
98. American agricultural exports are expected to increase by 2.2 billion under Trump’s US-Mexico-Canada Agreement
99. Trump’s US-Mexico-Canada Agreement created 176,000 new jobs and $235 billion in economic activity
100. Under the Trump administration, it granted $107 million to increase the workforce to improve the quality, distribution, and diversity of health workers and professionals in America

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